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join ohstarstrucked! i command you!
i'm going to be a maker there & it's going to be fantastic.
we just need to get some more people to join now. so GO!


guess what? [Jun0606]

i'm coming back now. only there's a catch!

i'm starting a new community for my layouts, and in this one, members are only allowed in upon my personal invitation. why am i doing this, you ask? because it will make running a community & making layouts for you guys much less stressful, more enjoyable, and more frequent for me. knowing exactly who is looking at & using my layouts relieves a ton of worry that i normally have with the 600 members in here & the biggest problem with yeahlayouts... lack of crediting.

i'm not even going to lie; anyone on my personal journal's friends list is going to get an invitation before anyone else. but i promise you, all other invitations will NOT be given out based on favorites. i'm choosing by who has been an awesome member so far, who has always credited and who i already know will not be a problem. and i'm planning on inviting A LOT of people. at least half the members we have here (about 300), if not much more.

so, in closing, as of today yeahlayouts is officially closed. taking it's place will be demeurer. invitations will probably start being sent tomorrow. if you don't get one (which for many of you, it will just take a long time for it to be sent, weeks possibly), don't whine to me. if i don't want to invite you, you're not going to get in. sorry :].

for those of you who won't be invited, goodbye. it was wonderful working for you. well, actually, it wasn't. but, you know. might as well be polite :].

- laura michelle
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welcome to yeahlayouts :].
you must join to see the layouts.

layout previewsCollapse )

this community is closed.
nobody will be added.
layouts have been removed anyways.
do not comment asking to be added.
& especially do not comment on
my personal journal asking me to add you.
that's just fucking rude, thanks.
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